Micro Teaching Reflection #1

In this semester, I take micro teaching class. We have the class in a laboratory. I entered the laboratory for the first time. I was surprised because there are many cameras there. I think the laboratory can help us to pass this class. I think, we can watch our teaching performances in the next meeting. So, we can make some improvements to make better performance.
Last meeting, I learned the characteristics of good teachers. I have listed 25 characters of good teachers. Those characters are important to us as teacher because they can help us to make good relationship with students and other teachers. The most interesting character of good teachers is 3C (Competence, Conscience,
Compassion). As a teacher, we should know the knowledge. Our lecturer said that the students trust to their teacher than anyone in the world. Beside good knowledge, teacher also should teach with pure love to his/her students. Last, teacher should not make discrimination in the class. He/she is a neutral side, so he/she can control the class condition.
I think micro teaching class is a challenging class because I not only receive the knowledge but also learn how to deliver the knowledge that I have. I hope I can follow this class.


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