Micro Teaching Reflection #2

Last week, I learned many things in the class. We divided into several groups. My group members are Fennie, Tari, and Liza. We were responsible to explain establishing rules of conduct. Tari represented the group as a teacher. So, other members helped her to make a good teaching method. At that time, we decided to teach by a role play. We teach with direct example, so the students can understand quickly. I think it is an efficient teaching method because the students can experience the situation. It is different if the teacher explains the theory to the students. The students will feel bored if they listen to many theories. I also listened to the other groups’ explanation. From this learning activity, I learn how to make an interactive class. We should feel the class with happy atmosphere, but we still can conduct the class.
The next day, we had peer teaching activity. We learned how to open and close the class. We made to-do list, so that we know what we do to open and close the meeting. At that day, each student brought one English material to teach. I brought season and weather material. My peer partner was Rika. She was my student and my teacher that day. How come she became my student and my teacher? Because I explain the material to her and I get the other English material from her. I tried to do best by myself to open and close our meeting. After that, we made some feedback from our peer partner. That feedback is very important to me because I can know my strength and my weakness. As a result, I can fix my previous mistake and do better performance. 


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