Micro Teaching Reflection #3

I have been learning about teaching in the class for weeks. I get many new knowledge in micro teaching class every meeting. Last wednesday, we learned by group discussion. Mr. Pras divided the class into 5 groups. Then, he gave task to explain some materials for each group. From, that activity, I can see my friends’ teaching style. All of my friends have great teaching styles. Some of them use modelling to make the students understand well about the materials. The rest gave some funny jokes in the explanation. So, the students enjoy in the class and keep liatening to the teacher. I think all of my friends are confident to teach in front of the class. They will be great teacher in the future. I hope I can be like them who can lead in front of the class.

The next day, Mr. Pras divided the class just into 2 groups. We had group teaching activity. The goal of this activity is to develop our teaching skill. So, there were 2 teachers teach in front of the class to different group of students. This is a challenging activity because we should know how to maintain the students interest to keep listening the materials. I taught in front of the class last week. I learned many things after the activity because I got many good feedbacks from my friend and Mr. Pras. I should improve some aspects. I should improve my skill in leading the classroom because a good teacher is a good leader. I should learn more in this aspect. Also, I should know that the game (if I use in the class) is related to the materials. I hope I can make some progression in the next weeks.

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