Micro Teaching Reflection #4

Last week, I learned many new things from micro teaching class. Also, I got some tips to teach. First, it is better to let students to read in silence in reading comprehension class than read aloud because when they read in silence the concrentation will be focus on the text. Second, if we want to teach reading in the class, we can use questioning strategy. This strategy help students to read fast. We can ask them to read a paragraph in several minutes, then we can give them some question that related to the paragraph.

Besides some tips to teach, I learned that as a teacher, we should know what to do in the class. Teacher is the arrager of class. We should make learning plan before teach in class so we have concept first. That learning plan help us in teaching. We write indicators in your learning plan so we what the goals you will reach. We can focus on your goals if you have learning plan.

Last week, I also took some important notes. First, we should not teach in hurry. It is important to have communication and interaction with students. Second, no more theories, more practice! If the students have learned the material in previous class, we can review the theory and give them more time to practice. We should not give the theory again and again. Third, if we meet a passive class, we can use group work strategy. We can see their participation in their own group. Also, we can use games or interesting videos to increase their interest in the class.


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