How to Use Yahoo Messenger App in Teaching Content


I have around 20 students in my English class. I teach for eleventh grade in Senior High School. We need new learning plan to give new experience for students. One of them is learning by Yahoo Messenger.

There are the details how to use Yahoo Messenger App in teaching content:

Classroom setting: I teach in laboratory where each student has access to networked computer and each computer has good headphone.

a. This is the pronunciation class.

b. As a teacher, I write word list that consist of interesting words for the students on the whiteboard.

c. The students search the meaning and how to pronounce the words by dictionary.

d. I send them voice note through Yahoo Messenger app, so the students can hear the intonation, stress, and pronunciation clearly.

e. Discuss the material.

f. I give them task to pronounce some words by their own headphone.


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