Answer of CALL Assignment

  1. 3456 + 78091 = 81547
  2. 700000 / 89 = 7865.16853933
  3. What is  33% of 34,567? 407.11.
  4. How many inches are in 5 miles? 316800
  5. How many minutes are in 40 years? 2.102e+7
  6. What’s the equivalent of $20 in the currency of the Czech Republic? 486.04
  7. Name a movie and where it’s playing in the 60637 zip code. Zootopia, movie playing near Chicago, IL
  8. What is patent 20030095096for? use of rotational user inputs
  9. What is the price of Electronic Arts stock today? 63.50 USD
  10. What’s the population of Miami, Florida? 417,650 (2013)
  11. How tall is Shaquille O’Neill? 7′ 1″
  12. What’s the predicted weather for Beverly Hills tomorrow? Tomorrow (Saturday) will be sunny day.
  13. What time is it in Bejing, China? 3:55 PM
  14. What time is it in Johannesburg, South Africa? 9:56 AM
  15. What is score of the last game played by your favorite in-season sports team? Super Bowl 50, Panthers 10 / Broncos 24
  16. List three books written by Erin Hunter. Into the Wild, Ice and Fire, Dawn
  17. Correct the spelling of Misisippi. Mississippi
  18. How many 3 bedroom homes are currently for sale in your hometown? 10
  19. Are there any comic book stores located in your local area? If so, how many? Yes, 10
  20. List a G rated movie currently playing in the 60618 zip code. Race, Zootopia
  21. Where is American Airlines flight 177 taking off from and landing? John F Kennedy Intl to San Francisco Intl.

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