How to Use Google Search Skills in the Classroom


In this era, Google is a common thing in our daily life. People use it to browse the information that they need. Students use it to help them doing the projects. In my english class, I use Google Search to improve my students’ skill.

1. In my English class there are around 20 students.

2. The students are in eleventh grade.

3. Classroom setting: I teach in laboratory where each student has access to networked computer.

  1. This is writing class.
  2. The material is biography text.
  3. As a teacher, I make groups consist of 3-4 students.
  4. After they sit with their group members, I explain the biography text briefly with power point slides.
  5. I ask them to produce a biography text in each group. They can search the topic from Google Search. They can find many information about their topic from Google Search. Also, they can explore the biography text deeply. In this class, copy-past is not allowed. They should make a list of references that they have used.
  6. Finally, they submit the text via email in Microsoft Word format so I can write the feedback there and send to their email.

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