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Although American Indians have been smoking tobacco for over a thousand years, it was not widely used in Europe until about 1600 A.D. Since that time, tobacco smoking has become quite popular, and has spread quite rapidly. In this century, the use of tobacco has become extremely common.

However, doctors have begun to notice that as cigarette smoking has increased, so has the number of deaths from diseases of the chest. Many doctors now believe that smoking damages the lungs, and can cause death. Modern research has confirmed this, and has shown that smoking is definitely dangerous to health.

Despite this, many people continue to smoke. Smoking is habit forming. Once a person begins to smoke, it is very difficult for him to stop. But he must try to stop, because smoking is very dangerous. Besides being dangerous, it is very expensive, and many people spend more money on smoking than they can afford.

The best advice on smoking is, therefore, don’t start!

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