CALL Final Assignment

Hello my students. You are 10th grade students now! I hope you can pass this course with great score. For the several next meeting, I have made a module for you all. This is a reading module. I hope after reading the material and doing the assignments, you can improve your reading skills. This module is consist of some quizzes and exercises that upload in my Edmodo account, so do not forget to add my account, guys 🙂


Let’s Read to Keep Healthy

First Meeting

Before do the exercises, please watch the video anf read the materials below 🙂


What is reading?

Skimming and Scanning

Since vocabulary is important for reading skills, I prepare a words-list.

Also, please make yours here

Vocabulary Builder
fat : lemak
chief energy-giving food :makanan pemberi energi utama
essential :dasar
quantity :jumlah
leafy :daun-daunan
doctor : dokter
lung : paru-paru
dangerous : berbahaya
blood : darah
liver : hati
disease : penyakit

Warming Up!!! (deadline July 01, 2016)

Let’s do the warming up here!!!

Second Meeting


Section 1 (deadline July 01, 2016)

You can access the link here

Section 2 (deadline 02, 2016)

Do not forget to do the Section 2

Third Meeting (deadline July 08, 2016)

Cooling Down

To make your body relax, you can take the cooling down activity here


As your final activity in this topic, please write reflection here


Congratulation!!!! You have passed this topic, I hope you got something new from our learning activity. See You!!