In many parts of Africa a small worm called bilharzia is found. There are two kinds of bilharzia: one which lives in a human being’s lower bowel, and one which lives in the bladder. Bilharzia is also the name of the disease the worm causes. Although it rarely kills people, it weakens them, and makes … More Bilharzia


Although American Indians have been smoking tobacco for over a thousand years, it was not widely used in Europe until about 1600 A.D. Since that time, tobacco smoking has become quite popular, and has spread quite rapidly. In this century, the use of tobacco has become extremely common. However, doctors have begun to notice that … More Cigarettes

Diet and Health

For our bodies to work properly we must eat the right kinds of food. There are five main groups of food. These are carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals and vitamins. Fats and carbohydrates are the chief energy-giving foods. They include bread, butter, potatoes and sugar. Proteins are essential for health and growth and are found in … More Diet and Health